The bumblebee’s compound eye is formed by thousands of individual hexagonal units or lenses called ommatidia.  Bumblebees can see our world in a beautiful tile mosaic.  They also see ultraviolet, which means they are able to see patterns on flower petals that are invisible to humans. There are so many things in this world that humans are blind to. Sometimes we choose to narrow our vision. If humans could see an image in even two different ways, how different would our world be?

I use oil and watercolor paints to try to create landscapes that force a new perspective. I use arbitrary color as well as local color.  Nature allows me to view people and relationships in a different perspective and allows me to figure out where I fit in the world.  My ideas incorporate an idea of journey in an expressive way.  It is a different journey for everyone and oftentimes place affects our relationships with each other.